Home Energy Analysis
Conduction Gains and Losses
Type of Surface



Windows - Conduction:
Doors - Conduction:
Walls - Conduction:
Celings and Roofs:
Floor/Basement/Crawl Space:
Total Conduction Transfer/Degree of Room:
Instructions: Click "Calculate" after you have entered the information for the types of surfaces. If you have multiple types of a particular surface, click "Next Set of Surfaces" after "Calculate" in order to clear the form for the new data. After entering the new data, click "Calculate" again. Repeat this as many times as necessary until all surfaces have been covered. After the last "Calculate", scroll down to complete the rest of the form.


Other Household Data
Heating/Cooling Factors
Square footage of south-facing windows that are unshaded: ft2
Square footage of east and west-facing windows that are unshaded: ft2
Square footage of floor plan: ft2
Average height of ceiling: ft
Average indoor winter temperature: deg. F
Average indoor summer temperature: deg. F
Number of air exchanges per hour:
Number of occupants of home:
Heating Ductwork: Enter 0 for No Ducts, 1 for Insulated Ducts, or 2 for Uninsulated Ducts
Heater: Enter 0 for Natural Gas, 1 for Electric Heat Pump, 2 for Electric Resistive, 3 for Propane, or 4 for Wood Stove
Air Conditioning: Enter 0 for No Air Conditioner, 1 for Window Units, or 2 for Central Air
Appliances      Hours Used/Week
Number of Refrigerators or Freezers
Number of Electric Hot Water Heaters
Number of Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters
Electric Stove/Oven Watts
Gas Stove/Oven
Electric Clothes Dryer Watts
Gas Clothes Dryer
Energy Costs     Price
Electricity /kWhr
Natural Gas /therm
Propane /gallon
Wood /cord

Total Summer Heat Gains: MBTU

Total Winter Heat Losses: MBTU

Electric Costs: dollars per yr.

Gas Costs: dollars per yr.

Propane Costs: dollars per yr.

Wood Costs: dollars per yr.

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